Saving Money Without Sacrificing Quality

... Guaranteed.
We believe that the only thing more important than providing our customers terrific savings is providing the highest quality products.
Save-A-Lot's custom brands are continuously tested again strict standards for quality, flavor and freshness. And all Save-A-Lot products are 100%, unconditionally guaranteed. If you're not satisfied with any product, return it for a full refund. Period.

A Unique Business Model: Edited Assortment
Save-A-Lot's edited assortment strategy means we stock only the items you purchase most frequently, in the most popular size. By "editing" the assortment to only those items you buy most often, we help you save money. Although the selection is edited, it includes the highest quality groceries, USDA-inspected meat, fresh produce, dairy, and frozen food items, plus non-food items like household products and health/beauty aids.

Save-A-Lot Product Testing
When we decide to offer an item in Save-A-Lot stores, we work with manufacturers and producers from across the U.S. to develop custom brands that often exceed the quality standards of comparable national brands. Each new item is rigorously tested for quality, freshness and, of course, flavor in Save-A-Lot's testing facilities.

• Incredible Buying Power

• Self Distribution

• Low Overhead/Inventory

• Efficient Use of Labor

• Efficient Merchandising

And... No lobster tanks, cappuccino kiosks or floral departments that drive up costs.